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from Madagascar

Discover our vanillas from Madagascar

Immerse yourself in the world of Madagascar vanilla, these gems of nature that delight the palates of gourmets and inspire the most demanding culinary creators. Our devotion to excellence leads us to offer you a range of authentic Malagasy vanillas, guaranteeing superior quality that has won the trust of the most prestigious cooks.

Our selection of vanilla is distinguished by its diversity, a reflection of our love for this remarkable spice. Each of our pods emanates the singularities of its environment, thus offering a multitude of aromas that range from fruity notes to woody touches, including chocolate nuances. Our travels have allowed us to establish lasting partnerships with dedicated producers, so that each pod reflects the richness of its terroir, the subtlety of its maturation and the uniqueness of its variety.

We take the time to ensure refining that respects traditions, which results in Madagascar vanillas with pronounced characters and intensely cocoa aromas. We are committed to continually enriching our range, introducing you to new aromatic profiles that reveal the true essence of vanilla.

Our collection notably includes the prestigious Bourbon vanilla, a treasure from Madagascar with robust accents of cocoa, as well as other varieties from Malagasy lands, known for their centuries-old expertise in vanilla cultivation. Each step, from planting to harvesting and maturing in the cellar, is controlled to ensure a product of exceptional quality, which stands out not only for its taste but also for its history and its origin.

We aspire to give you a unique experience with vanillas that captivate the senses and reveal a world of flavors with each tasting. Through our passion and expertise, we invite you to rediscover vanilla, appreciate its complexity and celebrate its finesse. Take the taste journey with us, and let yourself be surprised by the authenticity and splendor of Madagascar vanilla.

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